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Greenworks Zeroturn
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60V 42” Electric CrossoverZ Zero Turn Mower with (6) 8 Ah Batteries and (3) Dual Port Turbo Chargers Cut up to 2.5 acres with nearly 10% more power than a 22 HP gas zero turn mower because of Greenworks’ cutting-edge brushless technology.


Cutting Deck: Large 42" cut width
Power Output: 24 HP Coverage: Up to 2.5 Acres
Charge Time: 90m w/ (3) dual port rapid chargers
Blade Tip Speed: Constant 17K ft/min
Drive Speed: 8 mph,
Industry’s Fastest Cutting Slope: 15° w/ traction control
What's Included: (6) 8 Ah Batteries and (3) Dual Port Turbo Chargers

Cut 14% faster than gas with constant blade speeds of 17,000 ft/min
The Greenworks 60V Zero Turn features the most advanced power-cutting system in the industry. Where gas mowers bog down, our mowers sense extreme conditions to send optimal power to the blade motors, maintaining a constant blade speed of 17,000 ft/min through tall, thick, and wet grass.

Experience Greenworks’ Intelligent Power ™ and gas-free future of lawn care. Sharper, faster, stronger. Intelligent Motor Systems Total power output is equivalent to 24HP, ready to unleash on command No belts or transmission needed for supreme power transfer without wasting energy or causing wear and tear 80% fewer moving parts than gas for zero service downtime or costly upkeep

Unbeatable efficiency to save energy, while maximizing power and run time Cleanly cuts the tallest grass with a lightning-fast 17K ft/min blade tip speed Intelligent traction control conquers hills up to 15 degrees and even sideways cruising Instant and agile response to changing conditions for a premium riding experience Waterproof with IPX 4 rating to thrive in the toughest weather 4X quieter than gas mowers for a peaceful (90db) mowing experience

Intelligent Battery Systems Total power output equivalent to 24 horses that's built to perform Runs cooler in the hottest conditions with rapid charging and discharging Up to 2,000 charge cycles for longer-lasting battery performance

Active EMS system to dynamically control charge, overcharge, and temperature
Take on extreme temperatures with its high low-temperature tolerance from -15C ° to 45C°

Intelligent Control Systems CAN bus system manages all functions in real-time, putting you in control of the ultimate mowing machine.

Controller for brushless deck is cooled by cutting blades 2 in-wheel motor controllers packs extra torque and traction control 4G IoT connectivity module keeps you in control PMAC motor controls with lightning-fast reaction times 4G connected service updates identifies and troubleshoots issues as they happen
Maximum protection against over-current, short circuit, over-discharge, and extreme temperatures